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The importance of correctly reporting your foreign assets

This webinar will be focused on the importance of knowing and correctly reporting foreign assets that you may have to the authorities of the United States. This topic is of great interest to those people who have companies, authorized firms or bank accounts in their home country or other countries, and declare their taxes in the US. UU.


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Q: I'm about to become a U.S. Resident, what kind of Tax implications are there?

Becoming a U.S. Resident has big tax implications, U.S. Residents have to pay taxes in the USA based on their worldwide income and assets, it is extremely important that before immigrating to the USA you consult with a tax expert to understand the implications of your move.

Everything about 1099 Forms

Everything about 1099 Forms

The IRS 1099 series forms allow you to report a wide variety of non-employee compensation and payments. They are used to control the taxes of ordinary taxpayers more efficiently.  Do you frequently use the services of self-employed individuals or independent...



Q: Just started a business, what should I put in my invoices?

Invoices in the U.S are not as rigid as the ones in Latam, they must include: How much are you charging and the product description and quantity, also it should follow a numeration and include your contact information such as Company name/logo, physical address and phone number.