Business consulting services

Start-Up Services

Due diligence
GBS Group will provide a comprehensive evaluation of a business to establish the value of assets, potential liabilities and commercial opportunity.

Business planning
GBS Group will help you create and articulate the nature, strategic make-up, market analysis, vision, financial structure and projected growth path of your business.

Geo studies
GBS Group will help you understand the cultural and environmental opportunities and challenges within a specific geographical area with the purpose of building a strategic plan of execution.

Executive relocation
Our team will help you find the best and best-fitting talent from anywhere in the world and facilitate all immigration logistics—freeing you up to focus on strengthening your business.

HR outsourcing
As a start-up you will need immediate support in areas like payroll, taxation and other operational processes. Our team will help you manage necessary business expenses and avoid needless expenditures.

Accounting and taxes
GBS Group offers complete compliance services performed by accountants with experience on state, federal and international taxation requirements.

Licenses of operation
We facilitate all the steps in acquiring your license of operation, so you can quickly get to what you do best—running your business.

Tax planning
From the start, GBS Group will provide you with sound advice in all areas related to tax planning, avoiding unnecessary risk and exposure.

We can provide a temporary or permanent solution to your payroll needs.

Business consulting
GBS Group helps start-up professionals gain experience in planning, strategy, management and operations. Through hands-on coaching, we will help you build a business that works for you.

Company incorporation
At GBS Group, we can help you establish the legal foundation of your business so as to avoid unwanted pitfalls and risk in the future.


Global tax planning
For effective operations, foreign investors and businesses must comply and plan for U.S. tax laws. Our expert team helps you avoid unnecessary fees by guiding you through the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA).

Cash flow forecasting
Every growing business feels the strains of cash flow. GBS Group helps you know your numbers and maximize your cash flow by setting up reporting procedures and gaining insight through your data.

Corporate budgeting
Corporate budgeting is essential. GBS Group knows that a corporation, big or small, needs to align all departments and managers on a common budgeting target to help a business maximize revenues and the overall strategy—and that’s exactly what we will help you do.

Corporate tax returns
GBS Group can help you plan and file your corporate taxes. Our taxation team is always up-to-date with federal and state tax laws and will help you with all tax and IRS audit matters.

Personal tax returns
As part of our services, GBS Group helps hundreds of individuals with their personal income tax returns. Regardless of your income or how you earn it, we have a certified team to help you navigate taxation while complying fully with federal and state laws.

International tax reporting
Citizens living abroad, resident aliens, foreign students, territory residents, nonresident aliens and many others are required to comply with IRS filing but often overlook international tax reporting. GBS Group can help you comply with these processes.

Financial statement audit
Financial auditing describes a methodological review and impartial analysis of the financial statements of a business. At GBS Group, we hold extensive auditing experience in various types of entities and industries.

Tax audit support
At times you may simply need a helping hand or a specific expertise—for example, you may be served with an audit notice from the IRS. GBS Group can provide the support you need through this process to help you understand why the IRS has contacted you and to answer any audit questions.

Internal audit support
Fraud, corruption and simple carelessness are often causes of major financial and tax filing challenges. Our team of financial and taxation experts can help you scrutinize financial records and create systems to minimize or correct anomalies.


Corporate structuring strategy
Whether organizing your operation by function, management, product, customer type, geography or some other criteria, the team at GBS Group will guide you through the process and help you implement the ideal corporate structure for your overall business strategy.

Mergers and acquisitions
The simplistic explanation of a merger or an acquisition is to create greater value in the sum of two businesses. At GBS Group, we bring deep experience across multiple areas and industries, helping you understand the ramifications of a merger or acquisition and guiding you every step of the way to gain opportunities and avoid unwanted risk.

Business processes
Change is often difficult to drive and manage from within. That’s where we come in. Our team of consults coaches you through the process of establishing winning strategies across your entire business operation—from marketing and strategy to operations and financials.

Real estate investment strategy
Whether you are local or international business, real estate is a tangible investment that should and must be part of your overall growth strategy. From geo studies, to financial impact, our team will help you make smart, strategic decisions.

Market analysis
We offer services to help you see where your industry going, how is it changing and who are the key competitors. GBS Group will help you understand your position in your business ecosystem, opportunities and risk, and how your strengths and weaknesses align with needs of your customers.

HR consulting
We have human resource experts that can help recruit, retain and motivate the right team. GBS Group will guide you through the process of creating attractive benefits that don’t break the bank and policies and procedures to help you manage talent.

Federal contract consulting
Though federal contracts can be complicated and seem like a drain on resources, they can make a massive impact in the profitability of your business when managed and processed well. Our team will help you benefit from the billions of dollars awarded to small and large businesses every year by guiding you through the process.

Geo studies and site selection
Selecting the right site for your current or future operations is one of the many services we provide through our geo studies. You can count on GBS Group to help you search and identify the ideal place for your operation based on real estate investment opportunities, strategic location, operational logistic and talent.


Recruiting and staffing
GBS Group will help you recruit, retain and motivate the right talent for both permanent and temporary purposes. Talent is a key driver of success.

Employee onboarding
Investing in early training, acclimating new employees and giving employees the confidence they need to make a difference faster all greatly impact an organization. GBS Group has orientation and training platforms to expedite this process, helping you lower learning costs, save co-workers and supervisors time, increase morale and reduce turnover.

Executive relocation
For years we’ve been helping business owners and CEOs find talent from anywhere in the world and mitigate all immigration processes. At GBS Group, our objectives are simple: find the best talent, alleviate the stress, facilitate the onboarding process and successfully manage any and all immigration logistics.

HR policy strategy
Establishing sustainable HR policies is essential to employee morale, retention, and recruitment as well as the financial stability of a business. Our team will help you build the appropriate HR policies by reviewing and implementing smart and strategic policies that reduce risk and attract the best talent.

Compensation strategy
Compensation is critical to attracting and retaining the best talent for your company. GBS Group will help you build compensation strategies that are dynamic, market-drive and recognition-based to offer your employees a rewarding experience and give your company a competitive edge.

Talent management
We will help your business fulfill its needs by anticipating human capital requirements and employing strategic HR planning to attract top employees.

Payroll/ benefits
Payroll and benefits services are a major part of a company’s operations and require streamlined and responsible processes in order to be effectively maintained. GBS Group will provide you with the support you need to ensure employee accounts and your company’s overall finances are healthy.

Organizational DNA
Organizational DNA is a term that refers to a business’ inner workings and the personality that informs it performance. We will help you hone in on your organizational DNA to maximize your operations and output.

Across our many years of experience, GBS Group has found that one of the most important things a business can do is to empower its talented staff to contribute to organizational successes. We can give furnish you with the tools and resources to boost the morale and productivity of your team.

Sales team training
GBS Group offers comprehensive training services to ensure your sales teams are up-to-date in the demands of your business industry and remain top-performing at every turn.

Team building
An effective business is more than just its parts—it’s how its parts work together. GBS Group offers a wide range of engaging activities, training modules, and other practices to help your team improve its performance and bolster your business.

Leadership development
We know that a business is only as good as its leadership, which is why GBS Group has a variety of resources and services that you can draw on to develop and enhance talent at the top levels of your organization. We can help you cultivate the leadership abilities and aptitudes that will take your business to new heights in your industry.

Executive coaching
Executive coaching is one of the most critical—and most overlooked—aspects of organizational success. GBS Group is committed to helping executives explore and expand their personal and professional skills. We offer tailored, goal-oriented coaching to help you grow in the ways needed to encourage the growth of your business.