Keeping Your Employees Happy and Productive: 5 Simple Tips.

Ago 8, 2014 | Blog | 0 Comentarios

One of most valuable skills you can have as a small business manager is the ability to engage and challenge the people you employ. To keep everyone motivated, one of the best things you can do is encourage employees to participate as partners in the business. This does not mean they have joint ownership in the company, but it does mean that everyone who works for you is personally invested in the company’s success and growth.

There are a number of options to keep your workforce happy. Here we present you with a few of them.

1) Provide consistent feedback.
Let your employees know how you feel about their performance at work. Praise and constructive criticism pushes employees to make improvements in areas that could use a little more attention. Do not wait for an annual review. Praise and criticism should be offered frequently, because they communicate that you care about the business, the assigned tasks, and the employee.

2) Communicate problems and issues affecting the company.
Many times, the best solutions come from the employees, so it is a good idea to keep everyone informed when problems and issues surface. Though you might be tempted to hide your challenges, withholding important information can have a demoralizing effect on staff.

3) Ask for suggestions and solutions.
If you give feedback, you should also be willing to receive it. Let your employees offer their ideas for fixing systems that aren’t working and developing new programs that you need as the business takes off. Challenge them to make the small business even better.

4) Whenever possible, let employees define their duties.
Need someone to volunteer for a charity event, design a storefront display or do some painting? Ask for volunteers and then delegate. People will be happier about taking on non-routine assignments when it is something they have an interest in.

5) Don’t take advantage of employees.
If your employees are working hard and are not getting any reward or encouragement, they probably will not stick around for long. Using non-monetary incentives like flex-time, employee discounts, and recognition programs (such as employee of the month) are ways you can reward a job well done.

As the boss and owner of your own business, your job is to create an environment that encourages and rewards the hard work and innovation of the people who keep your business functioning from day to day.

Make sure you keep the best people by acknowledging and helping them grow in their own careers. Building up the new generation of leaders is the best strategy a small business owner can have in order to succeed.