The debate of whether the entrepreneur is born or made is a classic topic that never seems to go out of style. In this regard, how about an analogy between superheroes and super-entrepreneurs? Here are 10 superpowers you must hone to be a successful entrepreneur.

Except perhaps Superman, who came from another planet, other superheroes like Spiderman (bitten by a radioactive spider) or Captain America (super soldier serum), became superheroes accidentally; so, although there are some innate skills, many of the skills of an entrepreneur are fostered with experience and training.

According to Forbes, “good business sense alone isn’t enough,” and while some business skills are intuitive, most are honed with practice. These are the superpowers you should develop as a successful entrepreneur.

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Number 1: Super-vision:

We don’t mean the context of controlling everything, especially your workers and their actions. As a CEO, one of your fundamental duties is to define the vision of your business and enforce it.

This super-vision also includes the power to identify opportunities that others cannot see, and to take the necessary actions to capitalize on them. Identify future trends, mistakes and obstacles that prevent progress.

Your business will go as far as your vision takes it; without a broad scope, your venture will not go far and a biased vision will take you down the wrong path.


Number 2: Super-hearing

An entrepreneur has the amazing ability to listen to his customers, workers and business partners and determine how to use their contributions to the benefit of the business.

As a superhero he has his super friends, mentors and nemesis. He will listen to them all, but his broad common sense will allow him to decipher between constructive and destructive criticism. He will use everything in the power of his judgement and will make tactical and timely moves.


Number 3: Bravery

Another super power in the entrepreneurship world is the combination “courage and risk aversion”.

An entrepreneur must know how to risk, get out of his comfort zone and take risks, aware of what is at stake. We use the term “knowing how to risk” and not being excessively risky. The point is to step out of the comfort zone by giving up something good to fight for something more valuable.

You can never be a successful entrepreneur if you don’t take risks. Determination and confidence will be key to achieving the underlying reward.


Number 4: Inner fire

Another superpower of every entrepreneur is the inner fire, something like Johnny Storm, although here we talk about passion, which leads to tenacity and resilience.

When you start a new business, fatigue, rejection and the large number of exhausting initial tasks will be your nemesis, but with true passion, you will know how to overcome them.

True inner fire is what will allow you to work without checking the clock and move your business forward in those hard first years where you must do everything, even get up and follow your path after some misstep.

Number 5: Titanium armor

We do not mean that an entrepreneur is invincible, he is only endowed with an armor called tenacity. Creating the company, making it grow, finding the right team, will not be easy and most likely there will be mistakes.

According to, the failure rate of startups in 2019 was around 90%. So, the path to success will be marked by falls and hard blows; in order to be successful, you must be tenacious, bordering on stubborn. According to the same source, setting a plan, loving what you do and not giving up will be key.


Number 6: Hard Head (Mental Strength)

Entrepreneurship is a “roller coaster” and not everyone has the ability to handle the stress intelligently. Having mental strength is crucial for entrepreneurs, since not everything will go according to plan; there will be failures, setbacks, delays, but being mentally strong will make a difference.

Mentally tough individuals can not only endure bad times, but they bring out the best in themselves, even if a train comes upon them.


Number 7: Chameleon (Shape-Shifting)

Technology advances, people’s tastes and preferences change and to top it all off, crises impose abrupt changes, sometimes without warning. So, in an increasingly competitive and fierce market, you must know how to adapt quickly.

An open mind and a flexible attitude will allow you to develop this super adaptation power, and thus make wise decisions while others succumb to the crisis.

Number 8: Super Intelligence (Ability to learn new things)

Being alert thanks to learning and constant reading will allow you to achieve a deeper understanding of the market and its changing trends. But your passion for learning shouldn’t end with books and news sources.

Although self-confidence and self-judgment are key, it is important to understand that you can learn something from anyone, whether it is from your workers, from industry leaders, an entrepreneur from another industry and even from the competition.

Be sure to pay attention to their words and actions, they may be your next strategic move.

Number 9: Networking (the power of networking)

There is no substitute for the ability to connect with others when building a business. Whether he or she is a strategic supplier, a consultant, corporate clients, or the best human talent, you should always be on the lookout when it comes to building the best partnerships for the benefit of your company.

Networking is using your connections to create competitive advantages. It requires personality, communication skills and understanding, not only to receive but also to give.

Number 10: Ask for help

How many times does the superhero work alone? Whether it’s in the Marvel Universe or Justice League, when a superhero notices that he’s at a disadvantage, he asks his super friends for support.

Many entrepreneurs fail because they want to do it all; on the contrary, if you want to grow as a person and as a business leader, you must learn how to ask for help. Knowing how to delegate and trust is not a weakness, it allows you to straighten the course and concentrate efforts on really strategic objectives.

For example, empowering a third party to take over paperwork and state compliance will free up your agenda to devote to new business or achieving tactical goals. An expert opinion can help you visualize a situation with a different perspective.

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Superpowers of an Entrepreneur – Final Thought

Which of these superpowers are innate? Which ones develop with practice? As we mentioned at the beginning, although there is an innate component in each of these skills for entrepreneurship, the truth is that they are fostered and reinforced with experience and good advice.

Do you identify more with Captain America and his super shield? Or perhaps with Thor Odinson and his impressive hammer that shows strength, agility, speed and projection. Remember, great heroes achieve their best results as a team and GBS Group can be that strategic partner for the consolidation of your business.