Why we chose to structure our teams as PODs

by | Dec 16, 2018 | GBS Group's Story

Since GBS Group started we have always believed that we have to constantly be adapting to meet our customers needs. At the end of 2017, our Financial & Tax Team started an experiment. We were running into various challenges to grow as a team. How can we structure our team to be able to best serve our clients.

Our goals are simple:

  1. Provide Extraordinary Client Service.
  2. Make it easy for our clients work with us.
  3. Maintain our High-Quality work.
  4. Be able to respond to all client requests within 24 hours.

So we began researching management methodologies and techniques. We settled on using a POD structure because it also allowed us to implement “Agile” techniques similar to those used in Software Development.

PODs are small custom agile teams, ranging from two (2) to six (6) members responsible for providing complete client service to Financial & Tax Advisory (FinTax) clients. This organizational system is a step toward realizing the maximum potential of agile teams by involving members of different expertise and specialization, giving complete ownership and freedom, and expecting the best quality output.

The POD has a simple set of “Core Values”:

  • Focus – Establish Clear Priorities for team members.
  • Openness – Foster Communication between team members & with clients.
  • Courage – Be transparent takes courage under pressure, Step forward when we don’t know something, hold others accountable, admit our mistakes
  • Commitment – Your the team’s success is your success, Hold your team to high standards
  • Respect – Each team member is selected for his or her strengths; along with these come weaknesses and opportunities to learn and grow. Each participant must respect everyone else. It’s the golden rule within agile.

The principles allow us to consistently provide an excellent client experience. While we still call this an experiment it has helped improve various aspects of our client services and service delivery. As a business this strategy this has furthered our ability to live up to our core values and our mission.