GBS Group Celebrated its 2015 Annual Convention

Jan 30, 2015 | News | 0 comments

January 30, 2015 – Miami, FL.

On January 24th, the GBS Group’s team gather together for their 2015 annual convention. With an agenda jam-packed with activities and leadership training, everybody got a glimpse of the vision for this upcoming year.

Keynote speaker and CEO of GBS Group Maria Antonietta Diaz opened the day with a look at the past year, highlighting the success and achievements the team accomplished.

With the participation of key managerial staff, the different teams got a taste of what has been accomplished in our different divisions, as well as how each one of them collaborates in the sum-total of the processes and task.

Jorge Fernandez, COO of GBS Group also highlighted how during this coming year, the main goal of GBS Group will be developing leadership and growing its employees, always looking to create Better Businesses for a Better World.  All participants were introduced to the 3 Core Values that will guide the 2015 efforts and help create a unified plan in order to accomplish goals:


 Clients First

Find Solutions & Create Simplicity

Pursue Growth & Learning

During the afternoon session, the GBS Group team was presented with an interesting and enriching keynote presentation by renowned motivational speaker Vicente Pasariello. During this dynamic time, the team learned new tools that will help them grow into the future and clearly define what their goals will be.

Thanks to this meeting, the 2015 GBS Group vision has been cast, and the path has been set for bigger and better results than those of 2014.

Stay tuned to the great things our team will be doing during this coming year.