Hispanic Unity of Florida honors our CEO Maria Antonietta Diaz

Oct 7, 2014 | News | 0 comments

During their celebrations of Hispanic Heritage Month, the team of Hispanic Unity of Florida included the story of our CEO, Maria Antonietta Diaz as part of theirmad “Topic of the Week” series. In this piece titled “Meet the CEO: From Business Start-up to Successful Entrepreneur” they take a look at her history and what she wishes to accomplish in the future.

Maria Antonietta shared with Hispanic Unity of Florida some interesting insight on what this month represents: “Hispanic Heritage Month is a great opportunity afforded to us in America to recognize the contributions Hispanics have made – and are making – in the U.S.” she said. “I am a proud U.S. Citizen. I have lived firsthand the opportunities available in this great country. My family and I feel blessed – we are able to contribute to and enjoy a country that offers safe harbor and a bright future.”

For more information, visit Hispanic Unity of Florida Website: www.hispanicunity.org