START-UP NY is the new way to invest in the State of New York

Sep 30, 2014 | News | 0 comments

There is a new opportunity to Invest In the state of New York.

Trough their START-UP NY program, the government of the state of New York is looking to bring to help you start, expand or relocate your qualified business to a tax-free zone. Qualifying businesses will enjoy a 10 year tax exempt period, as well as having access to all the benefits the Empire State has to offer.

START-UP NY connects businesses and schools based on geography and academic mission. They help find the right school for you to partner with, and once your company has found a school match you’ll submit your START-UP NY application to that school.

To participate in the START-UP NY program, your company should:

  • Relocate to or expand within New York State, align with a college or university’s academic mission, create new jobs and contribute to the economic development of the local community.

The first step is to fill out the START-UP NY registration form to tell them more about your company and your goals.  Are you looking to start a new company or relocate to New York from out-of-state? or expand an existing New York State company? Under START-UP NY all three options are eligible as long as you’re creating net new jobs in New York State.  If you have already identified a school that you’d like to work with, please list the school in the registration form, or if you don’t have a preference, they will find the right fit for you. Once your registration is complete, they will be in touch soon.

If your application is accepted by the school, then the school will submit the application for review and approval from New York State. Once your application is approved by the state, you’re all set to open for business.

This is an excellent opportunity to start or expand your business, and to take advantage of the tax-free zones in the State of New York. For more information Visit:

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