GBS Group Introduces New Corporate Brand

Sep 24, 2014 | News | 0 comments

GBS Group announced that it has a new corporate brand image. They have unveiled a new logo, a revamped website and branding material, and have adopted  “Building Better Businesses for a Better World” as their new motto and philosophy of business.

Maria Antonietta Diaz, GBS Group’s CEO says, “The rebranding coincides with our company vision strategy, which is about repositioning GBS Group in the context of the competitive environment of business consulting. It reflects our desire to focus on the qualities that differentiate us from our competitors.”

Simplified and redesigned logo

At the same time, GBS Group is also taking the opportunity to simplify and redesign it’s logo in order to reflect the name clearly in the design. They have also added a new symbol to accompany the logo in their branding material.

Diaz says, “Our brand name and logo are important indicators of who we are and what we stand for.  Now we are taking the opportunity to strengthen and modernize how we represent ourselves to our clients, and the communities in which we operate.”

Jorge Fernandez, COOcomments, “The things we do as a company contribute to a better service to society with a clear culture of empathy. With these changes our values remain very important and will remain the bedrock of our culture, where our people demonstrate integrity, respect and empathy. Our people have the courage to lead and build relationships based on doing the right thing.”

We want to thank Frank Irias and his team at Daisho Creative ( for the their spectacular work on the rebranding. They turned concepts and ideas into reality.

About GBS Group 

GBS Group is a full-service business consultancy firm offering comprehensive advice across multiple areas of business. Since 2000, they have helped countless businesses and start-ups achieve success through a team of experts focused on strengthening operations, fostering growth and gaining higher revenues.

GBS Group team team includes accountants, attorneys, technology specialists,marketing experts, and HR professionals, all focused on helping businesses grow.


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