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Keeping Your Employees Happy and Productive: 5 Simple Tips.

One of most valuable skills you can have as a small business manager is the ability to engage and challenge the people you employ. To keep everyone motivated, one of the best things you can do is encourage employees to participate as partners in the business. This does not mean they have joint ownership in the company, but it does mean that everyone who works for you is personally invested in the company's success and growth.

Google for Work presents: Atmosphere live, their biggest live cast experience for work

  Google for work brings together key industry innovators for a day full of insight and new opportunities.

The Day to Day of your Business: An Overview for Small Business Owners

The key to meeting our obligations as business owners and employers is to be well informed. That is why its important to learn the basics so that we can make informed decisions.

Why Workplace Safety Standards Are Vital For Your Small Business?

Besides your ethical responsibility toward your employees to keep them safe from harm, workplace accidents cost money and time; and your business could be liable for substantial penalties that could wipe out your cash flow and seriously jeopardize your future.

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