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GBS Group

GBS Group is a full-service business consultancy team offering comprehensive advice across multiple areas of a business. We help small- and midsize businesses gather market intelligence, establish business systems, train and relocate strategic talent, and build sound financial structures that can support growth.

At GBS Group, we’ve built our own methodology and proved it time and again. Our approach focuses on leveraging global data, gathering local insight and creating systems designed to fit your goals.

Our full suite of services and expertise are the key drivers of our success across many industries, including energy, professional services, logistics, healthcare, industrial operations, construction, retail and hospitality. We are the team to call when you are in need of:

Start-Up Services
At GBS Group we provide start-up consulting services with scalable solutions. We begin by removing the legal and structural hurdles that often stifle creative thinking, and then quickly move into strategic, financial, operational and administrative coaching. We help you study your market, measure competition, define profitability models, plan financial scenarios and establish a roadmap with the right timeline for your operation. Learn more about how we can help you start your new business and discover untapped market opportunities. 

Financial & Taxation Advisory
GBS Group accelerates your competitive advantage by bridging insight and foresight to maximize revenues and lower costs. We help businesses establish winning financial and operational strategies through financial advice, objective strategic planning and deep understanding of domestic and international tax laws. Our team is both, hands-on and consultative, and always determined to yield measurable results. Learn more about how we can help you minimize exposure, maximize profit and gain expertise.

Business Consulting
CEOs and executives rely on GBS Group to help run more profitable businesses. Through our Business Consulting services, we coach our customers on leadership, strategy, management, operations, marketing, sales, profitability, technology and all other aspects that impact the performance of any business. Learn more about how to put expert advise with global and local intelligence in your corner.

Human Capital Management
Business need to understand how to make their current and new employees more productive. At GBS Group, Human Capital services focus on helping businesses hire, retain and empower personnel at every level, every step of the way. We begin by showing businesses how to hire the best candidates on the market. Learn more about our talent development and recruitment programs.